Nader Khaghani (aka Nadar)
Artist Statement
The Psychic Energy Fields and Forms of the Creative Consciousness

My paintings are about objects of mind (psyche) in my inner world. I envisioned a set of two psychic powers.

  • A moving power, Yang active creative force, and
  • Yin, a concentrated powerhouse, the receptive forming feminine energy

My artwork celebrates the matrix where the two energies blend and mix--the incubation stage in the creative process.
The archetypal story is one and the same across the arts, sciences, and technology. Nothing happens in isolation without an energy source. For the creative, we give in to both active and receptive powers of psyche. Only then an ensemble of images and concepts gather around the heart’s desire
We dress the universal energy forms into everyday beings. For example, archetype of wise old man, child, great or terrible mother. My goal was not to paint the psychic figures but the elemental energy underlying their creative process.
For me, the process begins with creative reflection. Something deep nags and sends me to the easel. Psychic dark chaos wants to pull together and form something unknown to me. Only if I let it. Only if I can find the inner light.
Can I find the psychic light? I wonder and listen. A vague sound in the inner ear stirs the spirit. Oh, an invitation to dance! I let my hand play on the canvas. I find the dance unrehearsed and the play captivating. I paint energy paths (lines) allowing them to lead me to energy clusters (color spots).
As an Archetypal Pattern Analyst and a painter, the theme of this cohesive series of painting is the creative process. Starts with formation, then creation, and continues to emanation and finally manifestation. Each stage a universal field of energy with its own force painted as form.
My imagery, an alchemy of archetypes of yin and yang energies, are about the integration of innovation and evocations.